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Union President urges clubs to take advantage of new rates relief rules
April 2017 î î   CIU members set for a warm welcome in Blackpool
March 2017 î   Members urged to make their voice heard at AGM
February 2017 î   Planning for Blackpool 2017 reaches final stages
January 2017     Union President gives evidence to House of Lords Select Committee on the Licensing Act
December 2016     Dransfields CIU Charity Raceday raises over £3,000 for Union’s Education Programme
November 2016 î  î   Countdown to the 2017 Dransfields CIU
National Quiz Regional Heats begins
October 2016 î   CIU submits evidence to House of Lords Committee examining Licensing laws
September 2016 î   Sheffield's Owlerton Stadium gets set to host the 2016 Dransfield CIU Racenight
August 2016 î   BT Sport and Sky Sports increase their prices ahead of the new football season
July 2016 î       Former Union President Derek Dormer
OBE, CMD celebrates his 90th birthday
June 2016     General Secretary issues warning over auto enrolement pension 'complacancy'
May 2016     President signals renewed efforts to recruit more clubs to the Union
April 2016 î    î   Blackpool 2016: Delegates set for packed Conference Weekend
March 2016 î   Clubs may yet have the opportunity to 'resurrect' Gaming VAT claims
February 2016 î     î   Suppliers confirmed for 2016 CIU Beer & Trades Show in Blackpool
January 2016 î   George Dawson CMD to serve fourth term as Union President
December 2015     Union members enjoy a grand day out at Wetherby Racecourse
November 2015     Union calls for clarity on Licensing Act interpretations
October 2015 î   Countdown begins to 2015 NEC and Presidential election
September 2015 î   Alarm in clubland as experts call for smoking ban to be extended...
August 2015     Union negotiates special rate for BT Sport club subscriptions
July 2015 î   Union President criticises HMRC for confusion over clubs’ trading status
June 2015     CIU ready to renew political support for the club sector
May 2015     Blackpool 2015 provides feast of activities for CIU members
April 2015     Stage Set for Blackpool 2015
March 2015     Heineken UK appointed preferred supplier to CIU
February 2015     Carlsberg UK appointed preferred supplier to CIU
January 2015     New Venue announced for Annual Conference
December 2014     CIU Charity Raceday is a real record breaker
November 2014     Clubs will Thrive if they're run properly
October 2014     Ken Green Elected General Secretary
September 2014     We've done for Smokers, now for the Drinkers
August 2014     Six Nominated to be General Secretary
July 2014     NEC begin hunt for a General Secretary
June 2014     England expects a packed Club
May 2014     Delegates reject New Constitution
April 2014     Delegates vote on mew constitution
March 2014     Make sure of your say at Blackpool
February 2014     That's fighting spirit!
January 2014     2014 - A year to see action on our rates
December 2013     VAT Windfall may have to be paid back
November 2013     Union and SKY team up for live sport
October 2013     The Union's support is needed more than ever
September 2013     Clubs are the key to combating loneliness
August 2013     Police chiefs learn from CIU meetings
July 2013     Separate smoking - it still makes sense
June 2013     It's for you! BT sport offer cut price deal
May 2013     Clubs need to do more than just serve beer
April 2013     Why can you just please yourself about paying?
March 2013     A chance for Clubs to hit the jackpot
February 2013     NEC plans changes to the constitution
January 2013     The government are starting to listen
December 2012     Don't risk losing the use of your machines
November 2012     MPs seek meeting with Home Office
October 2012     NEC debates constitution
September 2012     Olympics can show us the way ahead
August 2012     MPs celebrate the CIU's 'Majestic Achievement'
July 2012     Spirit of Solly can give us another 150 years
June 2012     Still fighting for our Clubs after 150 years
May 2012     Blackpool vote gives coalition the message
April 2012     Give the coalition a clear message
March 2012     Sky strikes new deal with clubs
February 2012     New team gets straight to work
January 2012     George Dawson is re-elected President
December 2011     Tax victory can be good news for all
November 2011     Our union is still offering great value
October 2011     Countdown begins for vital election
September 2011     Clubs win latest machine tax case
August 2011     New opportunity to winn back tax
July 2011     It's official: Clubs are good for you
June 2011     Amend the smoking ban
May 2011     Clubs agree to 50p rate
April 2011     It's make or break time
March 2011     Why you need to support the union
February 2011     Coalition bottle drinks pricing
January 2011     Union fights for smoking review
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